Working together to make the Internet Safer

Welcome to Internet Frod, where the name reflects what we need to lookout for on the Internet, anything that doesn’t quite look right. After compiling a number of articles on Internet frauds and scams, I decided to put all of them on one central location. It is the community that is going to make this work. Not me alone, but all of us together.

We are not going to change the Internet into a safe environment if we don’t stand together.

We know, no government agency in this world is going to do a thing to end scams and spying on the Internet. Governments are the biggest spies, and politicians are the biggest scammers.

We have to find a way to protect ourselves. We do that by sticking together, sharing, and trying to stay one step ahead of the scammers and spies.

Add your comments. Post new variations of scams.

Who knows how much pain and money you can save someone who visits this site and sees your input.

A few key strokes

can save someone a lot of headaches.

This is a site everyone can add a comment. But no scams here. You try posting scams, they ain’t gonna get past me. I control the vertical, and the horizontal. Comments are of course screened and approved. Based on experience, scammers will try to get past security. Just how vain or stupid are those people?


Scams are relatively easy to spot. People are asking for money, and often offer a prize, like an inheritance, so on and so forth. We will cover a number of those variations.


Spyware thrives on stealth, the art of remaining hidden. Once your infected with spyware, there is little you can do. Avoiding spyware is your first option.

This site is a place to learn about scams are well as how to avoid future scams, and share your experiences. How simple could it get?

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